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I Accidentally Did Some Company Research, So Can You!

Right after the Career and Graduate School Expo back in October, I began following one of the companies that attended, Digital Surgeons, on Twitter. At the time, it was because they seemed like a fun bunch based on the titles of their internships (become the “Code Ninja” or “Pixel Pimp”) and the mention of a […]

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How Good is Your LinkedIn Profile?

We had a CEO of a local community bank in the Career Development Center today conducting interviews for an internship position. One of the first pieces of feedback he told me in regards to the students that applied was that he looked for them on LinkedIn, but didn’t find much there. Mr. CEO went on […]

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Succeeding on LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn account? If yes, do you actually use it? If no, why not? With the steady growth of social media use, as well as the use of social recruiting, it can be detrimental to your job search efforts to not engage online with sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter! LinkedIn is […]

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