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What do you think? Should DNA be collected from Misdemeanor Offenders?

There is now a proposal on the table, in Colorado, to collect DNA from all misdemeanor offenders of those who commit a crime. In the state of Colorado this would mean the addition of over 30,000 people to the DNA database. This idea belongs to Dan Pabone, a lawmaker in Denver. In many studies the […]

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What Do You Think? – The Prosecution’s Case Against DNA

DNA evidence and analysis has helped to exonerate many who confessed to violent crimes; however, in some cases, the prosecution has begun suggesting alternative theories as to where DNA (not matching the person convicted) came from. This New York Times article covers the issue in detail, and can offer some insight into both sides of […]

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What Do You Think? – Connecticut’s New DNA Sampling Law

On October 1st, a new law will go into effect requiring anyone arrested for any of 39 serious felonies to provide a DNA sample prior to their release from custody. Connecticut will be the 25th state to require DNA samples, although the state has been collecting samples from anyone convicted of serious felonies for several […]

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