Leave a Trail: An education student’s reflections on graduate study

The end is in sight.  At least in terms of my graduate student career at UNH. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed every bit of my program here as a graduate student in the Education program.  I have taken the non-traditional route of study. I have completed my program on a part-time basis and took a break in the middle of it, but I think that has actually helped to give me some perspective in my field.  As I finish these last few classes, I find real value in having taken my time to absorb the information from all the previous classes.  The field of Education is changing and I have the luxury of being able to have seen it change a bit while I have been studying at UNH.

All in all, I think the fact that I have had time to really reflect on all these changes and keep up-to-date with the current trends within my field is an extreme positive for me as a student and as a professional. Graduate study is certainly different than undergraduate study, but I feel that I have enjoyed my graduate experiences in a greater practical way.  I feel that the analytical and critical thinking skills have really helped me to develop as a student and as a professional and I find myself utilizing skills in my daily life, that I have gained as a graduate student.  I can only hope that your experiences have been the same and that as you move through your graduate programs, you find you are really gaining real-world insight along with the academic skills you are developing.



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