Why UNH????

Heya future graduate students. Continuing on the previous blogs, I would like to share my views on our university. I am Amy, currently pursuing my graduate degree in Masters of Engineering and Operations Management.  So why choose UNH? Because it’s easy to adjust to this small campus. There’s also a sense of belonging and it’s very comforting to move around. As previously mentioned in my friend’s blog post about the Career Development Center, which helps in guiding the professional path, there are various learning opportunities.  I also benefited from these opportunities. UNH encourages participation in various community services and events supporting your personal interests.  Many could argue that there are opportunities present everywhere, but UNH makes sure that we hear those opportunities knocking on the door. And how does UNH do that? By keeping us all posted about the various events happening in and around campus.

Looking towards the professional side, we have a huge database in our library including interlibrary loans from other universities. Here’s a short video which gives an inside view of the UNH library and the various assets available to us.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz9j9GPnAmI.




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