My Eventful First Trimester

A couple of months have gone by since my first post and a lot has happened since my first exciting week at grad school. After midterms, group projects, and my recently assigned take home final exam, a bit of the excitement has worn off, but overall I am feeling positive about my first trimester at UNH. Just like in undergrad, there are some courses and professors I like better than others, but unlike undergrad, I feel that overall there is a great amount of interest and contribution coming from the students. I recently completed an accelerated course on industrial/labor relations and not only did we learn a tremendous amount from our professor, who was very experienced in the field, but also from each other. Since we all had different work and internship experience we were able to have in depth discussions that covered a wide array of topics and various approaches to the subject matter. It has been five years since I earned my undergraduate degree, so I do not remember everything about that time in my life, but I’m quite sure that I never felt so eager to go to class, especially a five hour class!

Between fall recruitment travel for my job, moving into a new house the same week that Hurricane Sandy hit, and starting grad school, my life these last couple of months has certainly been busy and at times downright chaotic. I’ve had to pull a couple of all-nighters and deal with some MIA group members, but I am still looking forward to what’s to come. I’m eager to start my new classes for the winter trimester (though I definitely will welcome our short break) and I’m very excited to be taking another course in the spring with the same professor who taught the labor relations class that I loved so much. I’m sure there will be times when I am less than eager to write another paper or complete another group project, but I feel confident that the knowledge and skills I will gain as an end result will all be worth it.



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