Breaking In

Being from out-of-town and having spent the summer in southwest Missouri, I was unable to attend any open houses or the accepted student days. So, when I arrived in CT in mid-August, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I knew from all the emails I received throughout the summer that UNH was going to be an interesting time, but was excited at all UNH had going on. From day one—having received a graduate assistantship in my department, I knew I was where I needed to be! The professors and faculty in the Forensic Science department were so welcoming, so helpful and most of all, so REAL. There was no hesitation in their honesty in directing me through the process of deciding how to focus my academic and career goals.
Other great things about the department and the program are the many opportunities you get to engage in extracurricular academic endeavors. The annual Arnold Markle Symposium is a great way to hear some presentations on particular forensic topics from some of the best in the field. I also got the chance to take part in the set up for a dig to happen later next summer for a day-long simulation for high school students. It was a lot of fun, not only to experience what real criminals go through as they try to bury a body in a clandestine grave, but also to learn from a great geologist Jim Mellett, an expert in GPR (ground penetrating radar) who guided the process.
So far (in just 3 months), I’ve been to the CDC (Career Development Center) about 4 times to take advantage of the great seminars they have. Everything from resume building, how to search for internships—you name it, they’ve got some help in store for ya!
One of the extra things I decided to jump into was intramurals—volleyball and flag football were a ton of fun. Getting together for a little physical activity was good for my health…staying active and keeping connected to the campus. It’s so easy to live off campus and make excuses for not going back for any of the late night activities going on, but to deny an opportunity for the coveted Intramural Champion t-shirts…you just can’t past it up.
All that to say that UNH has got a TON to offer its students…if you’re thinking about applying or deciding which school you want to commit to, SERIOUSLY consider UNH and if you get a chance, visit J



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