Benefits of Connectivity

As we prepare for Thanksgiving this week and take one last deep breath before the holiday season kicks into full swing, what better topic than a token post about being thankful?

Personally, I’m thankful for the Internet, and you should be too! Bear with me here – this has a relevant point. While it’s true that being over connected can have some issues, in general, there are a lot of benefits to this connectivity. Here are three quick ones!

1. Networking

Even though many people travel and have time off around the holidays, this doesn’t mean that everything grinds to a halt and no one is available. Sure, some patience is required, a response to an email may take a little longer than normal, but to counter that, there’s the chance that people will actually have more free time at work than usual. Continue your networking (and if you’re looking, job search) efforts!


2. Need help? The Internet comes to the rescue!

Yes, all of us here at the Career Development Center do have time off around the holidays; however, our online resources are available whenever you need them. Between ChargerLink where you can upload your resume or cover letter for review, search through internship and job postings, and look through our resource library, among other things, and the Virtual Career Center where you can watch video tutorials, videos from employers, and keep up with the latest offerings from our social media presence. We may not be able to in person services 24/7, but we will do our best to help you whenever and however we can!


3. The Internet is a (mostly) fantastic place to be

Whether you’re looking for the best cookie recipe or some salary information for a position, the Internet is there to provide what you’re looking for. It really doesn’t get much more convenient! However, side effects of the Internet include prolonged procrastination and inadvertently ignoring loved ones, so watch out for those!


Enjoy your Thanksgiving break and take advantage of your downtime to recharge and catch up!

Matt DiGiovanni

Matt DiGiovanni is the Virtual Technology Coordinator at the University of New Haven Career Development Center. Matt is a recent graduate of UNH, receiving a Music and Sound Recording B.S. Throughout his time as an undergraduate, Matt was involved on campus both as a student worker at the Career Development Center managing the CDC’s website and social media presence, and also as editor-in-chief of The Charger Bulletin from 2010-2012. Matt is excited to bring his knowledge of web design and social media to the Career Development Center in order to better reach the student body at UNH.



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