Technology Use 100 Years Ago

Times have changed for the world of technology over the past 100 years.

Much of the work in our classrooms is guided by the teaching and learning opportunities provided by the teacher. Over the past decade much of this work has been changed as we transition into a much more technological, global society. A quick search on Google or following the hash tag #edtech on Twitter will provide readers with many insights into how technology sue and education daily change classroom instruction and interactions.

A recent piece on Edudemic took a look at technology use and how it affected our children…but looked back through time. Specifically, they used photos to examine just how far we’ve come in our use of machines, and acceptable uses of technology.

In the early 20th century, photos were taken of children working with machines / technology as part of child labor. Back then, businesses were free to use children for cheap work despite the dangerous conditions.

Children working at Cornell Mill in Fall River, Massachusetts, in the winter of 1912.

Street Bretzau, with a bandaged finger, was injured while working in the mule room of this Tennessee factory in 1910.

Some of the kids in this Macon, Georgia mill were so small they had to climb up into the machines to repair them.

Images attributed to Lewis Hine/National Child Labor Committee/U.S. National Archives

Edudemic Article: “How Children Used Technology 100 Years Ago”



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