Succeeding on LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn account? If yes, do you actually use it? If no, why not?

With the steady growth of social media use, as well as the use of social recruiting, it can be detrimental to your job search efforts to not engage online with sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter! LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site and many recruiters are using it to research and find candidates.

To get started, head to and make an account. The first step in creating a successful profile online on any social media site is to completely fill in your profile – no lame attempts leaving you with a profile that’s just your name and a picture, and definitely not a profile lacking a picture! Look at some examples of the “perfect profile.” For a quick start guide on building a complete profile, go to

So now your account is created, what’s next? Becoming an active user! On LinkedIn, this is a multifaceted process. Start by growing your network; find friends, classmates, colleagues, etc. and request to connect with them. Don’t just spam everyone you see regardless of whether you know them or not, remember, you’re building a professional network. Another good practice is to join some groups and list any professional associations you are a part of. You can start with our UNH Career Connect group,

Once you have a solid foundation, the final piece of the puzzle is to engage. It’s great to have numerous connections and be a member of some quality groups, but if you’re not interacting and networking with anyone, it’s almost pointless! Don’t let your profile stagnate – post updates every now and then, join in discussions in groups, and always look for that next stepping stone for new contacts in your network.

Matt DiGiovanni

Matt DiGiovanni is the Virtual Technology Coordinator at the University of New Haven Career Development Center. Matt is a recent graduate of UNH, receiving a Music and Sound Recording B.S. Throughout his time as an undergraduate, Matt was involved on campus both as a student worker at the Career Development Center managing the CDC’s website and social media presence, and also as editor-in-chief of The Charger Bulletin from 2010-2012. Matt is excited to bring his knowledge of web design and social media to the Career Development Center in order to better reach the student body at UNH.



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