Online Class: Abnormal Psychology

Hey everyone! My name is Candey and I’m super excited to be blogging about my online class, Abnormal Psychology. The class is through Saint Leo University, loca

ted in Florida. This is just one of the many institutions UNH collaborates with in order to allow students to get ahead in their academic care

ers. If you’re a UNH student, you may have noticed while registering that some courses are “OCICU.” These are the online classes such as mine that we are able to register for.

Taking an online class through another educational institution is an interesting experience because just like UNH uses Blackboard, Saint Leo University us

es eCollege, so the layout is a lot different than what I’m used to and I’m required to learn to navigate the page. The course officially began today, Monday, July 2, 2012. So far the assignments I have are to introduce myself in the discussion forum, read chapters one and two of the required textbook, answer a response question posted by the professor, participate in a discussion with my peers about the response question we all answered, and finally, complete a short essay which will be counted as our first quiz.
That’s all I have for my first day of class! Enjoy the forthcoming entries about the class as the semester goes on.At first, it sounds like a lot to take in and complete in just the first day of class, but the great thing is that I can do these assignments at my leisure and spread them out throughout the whole week. I can participate in the discussions at whatever time I want, whether it be right after work or before I go to bed, if that’s what I feel like doing that day. The freedom from scheduled classes is great, especially for the summer! I don’t feel smothered by a set class schedule and I’m not bored by the usual monotony of a Monday-Friday 9am-5pm schedule. For me, taking an online class over the summer is the perfect way to keep my brain in shape for the upcoming semester, but it still allows me time to work on my tan, enjoy time with my family, work to pay for those expensive textbooks, and have a barbecue with friends once in a while.



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  1. I think this is super awesome! as someone who is in medical school and very busy, I have to agree that any classes offered online are the most convenient for me. It allows maximum flexibility in your schedule when you can complete an assignment or watch a lecture online either at starbucks, in the library or in your own bed if you wish. Totally cool blog and I will most certainly be following future posts. Thanks!